[SLL] OT: APC SmartUPS 700 overheat and battery meltdown!

Bob Hiltner bob at hiltners.com
Sat Feb 28 09:51:12 EST 2004

Anthony, This sounds WAY cool!

Keep a close eye on it (goggles recommended).

I hope you'll report back to the list when it catches fire or explodes (if
you have time before evacuating your premises).

We could start a db on UPC failure modes:

    Did your UPC: Just stop working | Explode | Exhibit Spontaneous
Spectacular Conflagration | All of the Above

    Did you: Buy a new one | Burn Your Building Down | Suffer Severe,
Painful Disfiguration | Die | All of the Above

    Did your data: Survive | Burn With Your Building because "Backups are
for Weenies" | End up on John Ashcroft's Hard Drive | All of the Above

So, you and any others on the list with smoking acid bombs be sure to watch
closely & let us know how it turns out.  This could be your chance to
contribute to seance.

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> Has anyone ever experienced a UPS battery problem where the the UPS gets
> so hot that the battery casing starts to bulge and deform? This evening
> I noticed a burning smell in the room I have my workstation in and it
> was coming from my near 3 year old APC SmartUPS 700.

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